2017 AIM Photonics Call for Proposals

This call provides high-level guidance for areas of likely investment for AIM Photonics for funded projects beginning in January of 2018.  It is not intended to be exclusive, and projects outside of areas captured in this document may still be considered. 

This call covers the MCE, KTMA, and AIM Academy opportunities for 2018.

The project proposal due date is June 19, 2017.  

Call for Proposals Documents

The following are documents provided to guide interested parties in the current call for proposals. Complete details in "Call Document".

Proposers Event Meeting

There will be a meeting on May 24th - 25th in Rochester, NY to provide opportunities for teaming, proposal development, training, and more...

Call for Proposals Q&A

Here is where interested parties can view answers to questions from previous calls and submit their own questions.