SUNY Polytechnic’s 300mm state of the art semiconductor research clean room and Head Quarters for AIM Photonics Photonic Integrated Chip development



AIM Photonics Multi Project Wafer (MPW) service has been making headlines recently as more designers, researchers, and technologist, throughout the integrated photonics industry, are embracing the latest Photonic Integrated Circuit (PIC) process technology leader.

Companies recently switched to AIM Photonics MPW service because of Best in Class lead times, but have returned because of our state of the art device process technology.

The performance of our germanium detectors and SiN waveguides are industry leading, not to mention, many of the other PIC devices available through AIM Photonics.

With such outstanding process technology and delivery times, it's no wonder the MPW spaces are filling up fast for 2019.

Stop chasing your competition, and start leading with AIM Photonics.