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AIM-Infinera InP Foundry Call

Proposals are due April 30, 2019, by 5:00 PM EDT

AIM Photonics, in cooperation with Infinera, is opening a call for proposals for run(s) on Infinera’s InP PIC Foundry to qualified parties seeking to leverage federal funding in 2019 to implement projects targeting the technology goals of AIM Photonics. These high-level goals include catalyzing the maturation and stratification of the integrated photonics ecosystem of InP PICs in commercial or defense applications.  This call is offered as a unique opportunity for qualified industry members to assess product development on Infinera’s InP integration platform and to advance the manufacturing readiness of products for general, private company, or government use.  The due date for proposals to receive full consideration in this competitive proposal opportunity is April 30th, 2019. See below for details. Proposal should be submitted to the following address:


These documents are provided for interested parties to use in the current InP PIC Foundry call for proposals.

See details and instructions in "AIM-Infinera InP Foundry Call Document."

To submitt proposal, please use "AIM-Infinera InP Foundry Proposal Template."

Goria E. Hoefler, Infinera Director of Advanced Development, talks about project call.

Hear from Gloria Hoefler, Infinera Director of Advanced Development, Optical Integrated Components Group, on the benefits of InP Foundry Project Call.