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AIM Photonics Multi Project Wafer (MPW) for PIC Design

The integrated Silicon Photonics Process Design Kit (PDK) and Multi Project Wafers are available to all organizations interested in leveraging this world class technology offering. The services give organizations access to leading edge Silicon Photonics technology, where they can generate their own piece of silicon on  Multi Project Wafer (MPW) runs in the world's most advanced 300mm semiconductor research and development fab. 

To reserve your spot on a 2017 AIM Photonics MPW run, begin by completing and submitting the MPW QUOTATION REQUEST FORM below and select the type of build you are interested in. This will initiate the process of generating a quote for your desired MPW run.

Reservations are not confirmed until the 20% down payment has been received by AIM Photonics. The total number of MPW rider chips available for each run is limited. Get your reservations completed early to ensure your space.

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