Q&A for 2017 Call for Proposals

1.       Q: Am I free to forward this “Call for Proposals” to other companies that might be interested in being involved as a team member or a team leader?

A: Yes, please feel free to forward the Call for Proposals (CFP) to companies that you think may be interested in performing/teaming for this project.  Please note, as indicated in the CFP, proposing organizations should agree to become members of AIM Photonics prior to the project being awarded.

2.       Q: Do I have to be an AIM Photonics member to submit a proposal?

A: No, AIM Photonics does not desire to exclude committed member companies or interested parties from leading, or participating in proposals.  Companies considering participation should understand that the first stage of proposal submission is not a contractual commitment.  If a detailed proposal is approved for funding by AIM Photonics, a comprehensive Project Award Agreement will be generated and signed, which then becomes a contractual agreement.  Companies would then be required to become members of AIM Photonics prior to, or in conjunction with the execution of a Project Award Agreement.

3.       Q: The proposals have specific targeted technology areas.  What if we have a technology area not in the list that we feel can benefit AIM and the photonics community?

A: The technology areas are not intended to be exclusive, and projects outside of areas captured in the CFP document may still be considered.   Please contact us with your interest by sending an email to info@aimphotonics.com or by contacting one of AIM Photonics Account Executives at http://www.aimphotonics.com/member-contacts/

4.       Q: Can I attend the Proposers Day if I am not a member and simply considering submitting a proposal?

A: Yes, we encourage all parties interested in integrated photonics to attend our events.  Given the subject matter of the call for proposals sessions we require a Non-Disclosure Agreement with AIM Photonics.   If you have not yet executed a Membership Agreement or a Non-Disclosure Agreement with AIM Photonics and wish to do so, please fill out the Membership Inquiry Form and you will be contacted:  http://www.aimphotonics.com/membership-inquiries/