“Precision plans to utilize AIM to further push the envelope of our technical offerings. We believe that by working with AIM Photonics and its partners we will be able to significantly advance our transceiver product line and offer adjacent components to meet our customer’s needs. Our partnership with AIM Photonics will ultimately provide better services, systems, and cutting edge technologies for our end users.”
— Bryce Tenant, Precision Optical Trancievers

We are a unique public and private collection of Industrial, University, and Government Institutes and Organizations dedicated to advancing Integrated Photonics.

Since July 2015, we have led the effort to advance Photonics Integrated Circuit (PIC) technology. We are currently at the forefront of nearly every effort to advance Integrated Photonics for government, commercial, and personal applications.

Our Mission

We seek to advance integrated photonic circuit manufacturing technology development while simultaneously providing access to state-of-the-art fabrication, packaging, and testing capabilities for small-to-medium enterprises, academia and the government; create an adaptive integrated photonic circuit workforce capable of meeting industry needs and thus further increasing domestic competitiveness; and meet participating commercial, defense and civilian agency needs in this burgeoning technology area.


Establish a technology, business and education framework for industry, government and academia to accelerate the transition of integrated photonic solutions from innovation to manufacturing-ready deployment in systems spanning commercial and defense applications. 

What We've Achieved

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  • MPW / PDK
  • Successful projects
  • AIM Academy internships
  • Rochester facility