Instructions to access latest revision of Silicon Photonics PDK

To access the AIM Photonics PDKs, three things are needed as listed below. All of these can be initiated by completing the Vendor Document Access Request form found on the link at the bottom of MOSIS-AIM Photonics page.( )  Fill this form out selecting the appropriate AIM Photonics technology (e.g., SUNY Polytechnic Full Silicon Photonics) for the Fabrication Process.

1.    NDA with SUNY Poly 

2.    PDK License Agreement with SUNY Poly

3.    MOSIS Customer Account

If any of the above three items are missing, you will be sent appropriate documents or instructions on how to complete them after the Vendor Document Access Request form mentioned above is completed.

If all of the above already exist, you will be granted access to the PDK download area usually within 1 day.  

If your organization is planning to join a future MPW run, you can begin the reservation for a rider slot by clicking the REQUEST A QUOTE TODAY link.