AIM Photonics Multi Project Wafers (MPW) 

Hear what Cadence and SUNY Poly have to say about AIM Photonics MPW service and benefits of membership.

2019 MPW Fab Runs:  SUNY Poly 300mm Fab

MOSIS is the MPW Aggregator

  • DRC clean designs (with Mentor Calibre) are submitted to MOSIS

  • MOSIS also distributes the PDK (How to Access PDK)

2019 AIM Tiered Member MPW Pricing

Prices quoted for 20 unpackaged die
Additional die available at a nominal cost

Die dimensions nominally 6mm x 8.5mm for Active or Passive riders or 1.9mm x 4.2mm for Active only riders. Interposer die dimension nominally 12mm x 13mm.